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'03-'07 GDP 5.9L "Air-Boss CR" Intake Plenum & Grid Delete Kit

'03-'07 GDP 5.9L "Air-Boss CR" Intake Plenum & Grid Delete Kit

Glacier Diesel Power 5.9L "Air-Boss CR" Intake Plenum Cover & Grid Heater Delete Kit

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Grid Heater Option

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Product Detail

Glacier Diesel Power '03-'07 5.9L "Air-Boss CR" Intake Plenum Cover & Grid Heater Delete Kit

EGT's running too high? Can't use all of the fuel you have available? The GDP Air-Boss intake plate gives the largest flow increase possible short of milling the cast plenum off the head and installing a fabricated intake plenum such as the ZZ Fab unit.

The Air-Boss plenum isn't just a replacement flat aluminum plate as seen in other designs. The Air-Boss is a true, elevated plate designed to flow as much air as possible to cylinders 4, 5, and 6. We've all have seen the head gasket failures between the hottest running #5 and #6 cylinders. With our plate design we open up the plenum area to the starving rear cylinder by a full 30%. By increasing airflow to the rear cylinders we reduce EGT's and allow you to run even higher fueling levels.

The Air-Boss plenum kit also includes a shortened grid heater delete block to maintain the factory IC piping to intake manifold connection geometry . Maintaining this geometry makes the Air-Boss plenum compatible with ALL aftermarket intake manifolds and the stock mounting hardware.

Grid Heater options:

A) The standard Air-Boss CR kit includes a custom height grid heater delete block.

B) For colder climates we now offer the Air-Boss CR with a grid heater option. This option uses the factory grid heater (no delete included) and custom length stainless steel studs to accomodate the increased plenum height of the Air-Boss CR.

C) For customers that want to swap back and forth between the heater and delete block we offer both item in one package.

Kit includes Air-Boss intake plate, factory gaskets, custom height grid delete block and/or optional stainless steel studs, and shortened injector line retaining brackets.

Average Customer Review: 5 Based on 8 Reviews.

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0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
  awesome intake plenum
I have an 03, and have been modifying it for a few years. I wanted to get rid of the haze the truck has while driving, and drop egt's while towing my trailer, and this did it! the haze disappeared, and there is a hill I climb between Idaho and Utah, and with 10,000 lbs. behind me, by the top of the hill my truck would jump past 1200* , last time it spiked to 1400* and I backed out. This time I had the tuner turned 20% hotter, and the truck never got above 1250* clear up the hill. This is an awesome product, install time from when I pulled the truck in the shop, til I pulled it out was 3.5 hrs, and I had to un mount and re mount my pac brake compressor.

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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
  Air Boss May, 2014
Reviewer:Dean D. From CA US
Just put this on my 06 Dodge Cummins and I must say it works fantastic. I noticed two things right away... NO SMOKE and my boost gauge is showing 10 lbs less pressure. Normally I see a big puff of black smoke and about 10 seconds or longer to clear when I romp on it climbing a hill to pass, the boost gauge would show 35 psi the whole time. Now... NO SMOKE and theres only 25 psi showing on the gauge. Install time was 4 hours but I broke a socket and a ratchet loosening up the bolts.

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0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
  Air-Boss CR Review May, 2013
Reviewer:Dustin D. From MO US
Ok, I recently purchased this for my 2006 Ram 3500 Mega Cab with the 5.9l CR diesel. Price was the cheapest on the web and got the parts in just a couple days. Now I must say this thing is a work of art and its a shame it gets covered up my a mess of fuel lines and intake elbow. I ordered the all weather kit so I can switch back to the original grid heater. This kit includes new OEM gaskets for installation. You will reuse your bolts from your intake and the 4 bolts/studs that hold your intake elbow will be reused (assuming you do the grid heater delete) The supplied grid heater delete plate is shorter than your factory grid heater allowing you to reuse those bolts/studs even with the taller intake height and eliminating misalignment of the intake elbow to the cold side pipe coming from your intercooler. Instructions are included and I must say they are well written and easy to follow even though there are no pictures. Install time was about 4-6 hours (depending how much time you spend on Facebook during the install) and I was in no hurry. When you go fast you mess things up. Now for the claims. They claim a drop in EGT's well I must say I didn't notice any. Now that being said I have no idea what the test criteria was when they did their testing. I am fueling a little heavy so I assume a lot of my heat is from that. Now I will admit when you let off of it, it drops the EGT's a lot quicker than before so there must be some truth to the claims. I also didn't judge from a wide open throttle all out pull neither. I used my normal highway temps as my baseline. Their claims may be that of top end and I don't really push that hard unless its dyno day. Now for power increase. Well I haven't been to the dyno yet but I can testify that it definitely made a noticeable increase on the mid range power curve. You can feel it on the 60-100mph roll on for sure (sorry Honda boy, but you got dusted by a 9000lb truck with 37's and the AC on hahaha). In the end I'm super happy with the kit. Install is fairly simple but takes some time to do it nicely. Instructions are easy to follow and cover just about everything to do a quality install. If I can post later I will get some dyno results for review next month.

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0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
  Perfect September, 2012
Reviewer:Gibbs From UT US
Great product, temps dropped about 100 degrees. Seems more responsive in the lower RPM's. And it looks cool too. All in all its a win win situation.

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0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
  Air-Boss CR Intake April, 2012
Reviewer:Christopher D. From NY US
Absolutely love it, dropped EGT's by 200 degrees and when used with my methanol system even more. Best purchase I have ever made to drop my EGT's. Highly recommend it.

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0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
  Air Boss April, 2012
Reviewer:John J. From ID US
Another great product from Richard!

I instantly noticed improved throttle response when empty, and a much smaller puff of smoke when shifting while towing. EGT's don't climb quite as fast, and appear to be approx 50°-100° lower while cruising and towing.

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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:
  airboss intake April, 2011
Reviewer:bernie s. From AB CA
what an amazing product i put this plenum on a completely modified 04 ram truck no stock pieces on this truck lowered egts 150 to 200 degrees and a noticeable power improvement and throttle response thanks for the great product richard amazeing product and amazeing service

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25 of 25 people found the following review helpful:
  Air Boss August, 2010
Reviewer:Bryan H. From WA US
The quality and attention to detail on the GDP intake plenum is awesome! Thanks Rich for another great product!

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'03-'07 GDP 5.9L "Air-Boss CR" Intake Plenum & Grid Delete Kit
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