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  Fuel Filter Systems  >  1997 thru 2002 Dodge Ram
'98.5-'02 GDP Dodge Ram MK-10 + Big Line Kit (heated)

'98.5-'02 GDP Dodge Ram MK-10 + Big Line Kit (heated)

Glacier Diesel Power MK-10 + Big Line Kit for '98.5-'02 Dodge Rams (heated)

Sku # : MK109852-BLKH
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Fleetguard FS1001 Fuel/Water Separator

Product Detail

MK-10 High Flow Filter Kit for 1998.5-2002 Dodge Rams (heated)

Tired of the leaking filter canister on your '98.5-'99 Cummins? Tried to find a high flow filter system for your 2000-2002 Cummins? You've come to the right place!

The MK-10 System replaces the stock canister on '98.5-'02 Dodge Rams with a high efficiency/high flow Fleetguard filter that bolts directly in place of the stock filter canister. Our clean mounting design locates the new filter in the stock location for easy changes at service time.

But that's not all! The new MK-10 also replaces the restrictive supply line between the stock filter housing and the VP-44 with our 3/8" Big Line Kit. You get the best of both worlds. Maximum flow and quality filtration all in one package!

The Fleetguard FS1001 (which is a shorter version of the FS1000 used on Cummins C Select engines) and 3/8" lines used in the MK-10 will support any level of performance modifications. Flowing 90 GPH at a pressure differential of less than 1 psi the MK-10 ensures no loss of performance while you reap the benefits of high efficiency filtration.

As an added benefit the Heated MK-10 is a plug-n-play package for truck running in colder weather. The standard, non-heated version of the MK-10 can be found here.

FS1001: Fleetguard Fuel/Water Separator. No WIF sensor provisions.

10 micron absolute / 5 micron 2nd pass
98.7% Efficiency
95% free and 95% emulsified water separation
90 GPH Flow Rating

You just can't argue with better fuel filtration!

Recommended for trucks from stock to extreme that require maximum fuel flow.

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'98.5-'02 GDP Dodge Ram MK-10 + Big Line Kit (heated)
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