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More About Intake Manifolds & Accy's

Now you've installed a high flow cold air intake, but you're still not getting the spool up and lower EGT's you were hoping for. Did you happen to look at how restrictive your intake manifold is? The factory intake manifold has a restrictive angular design which is fine for mass manufacturing but terrible for promoting the airflow you're trying to push through your Cummins. Our Glacier Diesel Power Mega-Flo intake manifolds feature a larger plenum entrance area for increased airflow, and smooth radius turns to reduce turbulence and intake pressure losses. Our intake manifolds also feature several ports making it easy to hook up a boost gauge or install a nozzle for nitrous, propane, or water methanol injection.

Besides the functional attributes of these manifolds they just flat out look good! There's something to be said for popping the hood of your truck and having a well dressed Cummins.