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Engine conversion parts for Detroit Diesel 3-53, 3-53T, 4-53, 4-53T, 6v53T and 8V53T 2 stroke engines.

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More About Detroit Engine Accessories

For those of you that love the sound of a screaming Detroit under the hood of your conversion this section is for you.

The Detroit 53 Series two stroke engines are quickly gaining popularity for pickup conversions and medium duty trucks. Unfortunately most of these engines were designed for industrial applications and automotive accessories are scarce or were never offered at all by Detroit Diesel. For an automotive application or conversion you typically want a rear sump oil pan, Jake Brakes, tall rocker covers, etc. That's where we come in.

In the coming months we will be adding many hard to find (or never offered) parts for the Detroit 3-53, 3-53T, 4-53, 4-53T, 6V53, 6V53T, 8V53, and the 8V53T. All items will be manufactured in house and held to our exacting tolerances.

In this section you'll find fuel filter kits, remote oil filter kit, rear sump oil pickup tubes, cast aluminum deep sump oil pans, and Jake Brake accessories to make your Detroit 53 Series conversion as easy and professional as possible.