Common Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Diesel Engine

Common Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Diesel Engine

Having a reliable and appealing vehicle is something that most people view as a priority. Choosing a vehicle that will provide you with years of service is harder than you probably realize. When given the choice between a gas and diesel-powered engine, you will have to think long and hard about which one suits your needs best. If you want a truck/SUV with lots of power, then you might want to choose a vehicle with a diesel engine.

Over 7 million diesel-powered vehicles are currently on the roadways of America. Do you want to keep your diesel engine running strong for years to come? If so, be sure to avoid the mistakes below.

Failing To Let Your Engine Warm Up Can Create Problems

If you are like most people, patience is not something you have in abundance. While a short attention span is common problem for modern humans, being impatient can cost you a lot when it comes to maintaining your diesel engine. One of the worst mistakes you can make as the owner of a diesel-powered vehicle is failing to warm up your engine before pulling out of your driveway. When diesel engines aren’t properly warmed, the risk of internal engine damage rises.

The thick and cold oil in your engine needs to warm up before it can provide proper lubrication to things like engine bearings and valves. When not properly lubricated, these internal engine parts will be exposed to lots of friction. This friction will wear these parts down over time, which is why you need to realize the importance of warming up your diesel engine.

Don’t Restrict Air Flow

Air, fuel and water are just a few of the things your diesel engine needs to stay running efficiently. Many of the diesel engines on the market are equipped with turbochargers. Allowing the airflow in your diesel engine to get restricted can make this turbo spin much faster. Consistently overworking this part of your engine can be disastrous.

This is why you need to clean and change your air filter on a regular basis. If the dirt in your air filter is allowed to enter the inside of your engine, it can create significant damage. Investing in high-quality air filter replacements is the best way to ensure your engine has all it needs to keep running smoothly.

Consistently Overheating Your Diesel Engine is a Bad Idea

There are tons of modifications and accessories available to the modern diesel owner. While making modifications to your diesel engine is a great way to ramp up power, it can wreak havoc on your engine if you aren’t careful. If you aren’t keeping track of your internal engine temperature, it is only a matter of time before serious damage occurs. By monitoring this temperature, you can find out about problems early on and fix them before your diesel engine is destroyed.

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